Mennonite Support for Treaty Rights and Cultural Tradition

This message is written on behalf of many Mennonites in the Niagara Region who align themselves with Indigenous communities. Mennonites have a faith perspective that focuses on non-violence, peace, and justice for the oppressed. Our hope is for the recognition of Treaty Rights for Indigenous peoples and the appropriate and objective demonstration of those claims.

This means that we stand with Indigenous peoples and their right to hunt deer in Short Hills Provincial Park. This support affirms their tradition and cultural expression as Indigenous hunters who harvest the resources of the land. Our community wants to build relationship with their community as we look to healing the wrongs of the past and furthering a spirit of reconciliation.

On behalf of many Mennonites in Niagara,

Thomas Neufeld
Douglas D. Schulz –Pastor of Grace Mennonite Church – St. Catharines
Hedy Sawadsky
Chris Hutton – Pastor of First Mennonite Church – Vineland