Niagara Anti-Racism Coalition

The Niagara Anti-Racism Coalition stands with the Haudenosaunee hunters, and all Indigenous peoples, in their inherent and treaty rights to hunt and fish, and more particularly to hold the annual deer harvest at Short Hills.

We condemn anti-hunt protesting tactics such as anti-Indigenous language, racist language, physical interference, creating barricades and blocking access to the hunting lands, shining flashlights in hunter’s faces, and all other forms of intimidation. There is no room for hate and racism in Niagara.

This is not just an issue of animal rights versus hunters. It is not that simple. We must consider the elements of Indigenous tradition, self-determination, and Treaty rights involved.

The Haudenosaunee deer harvest is protected by law, by treaty, and by the inherent rights of Indigenous people. In order for reconciliation to occur, we must respect and support Indigenous sovereignty and all it entails. The onus is on us as a community to begin a path towards healing the wrongs of the past and wrongs that are still ongoing.

The Niagara Anti-Racism Coalition strongly condemns hate in all forms, and fully supports the Haudenosaunee deer harvest at Short Hills.