Hamilton Animal Liberation

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“…We stand behind the front-line land-defenders and protectors: struggles which are fore fronted by Onkwehon:we. Placing the conversation of veganism aside, it becomes clear that those fighting for animal liberation would be most effective if we chose to also support those resisting pipelines, mines, clear-cuts, water and air contamination, and the corrupt governments and corporations who instigate these actions. The fact that the Haudenosaunee hunt – which includes a minimal amount of deer once a year – is being protested so ferociously by animal advocates while other larger scale hunts by white settlers are left untouched, as is the effect on wildlife from clear cutting, deforestation, and pipelines, makes it difficult for us to believe that it is not geared by racist ideology…”

To read the full statement  click the link below:

Hamilton Animal Liberation Team – Short Hills Statement 2015