Everything has a Season…and when the Sumacs Turn Red…It’s Time to Harvest Deer.

The Elders say…when the sumacs turn red, it is the start of yet another deer season. The crimson plant turns blood red as a signal from the Creator that this is the appropriate time to begin our most important harvest of the year…deer.

Haudenosaunee hunters will once again be returning to Shorthills Park to harvest deer for upcoming midwinter ceremonies and to feed families and Elders for the winter. Why do they need deer? The deer hunt provides much-needed meat which is low in fat and healthy for people who are prone to diabetes as well as skins for drums and regalia to be worn in our traditional ways.

The hunt dates are:

NOV 19,20

NOV 26,27

Dec 1,2

Please join us at in the afternoon for our reconciliation events and stay to in the evening the support the hunters leave the park (430-630pm). The supporters gather at the Pelham Road entrance.

There will be a new feature at the hunt this year as we will be holding educational projects during the day from 2-4pm! Please refer to the Schedule of events for 2016 to join in!

Nya:Weh Kowa!shorthills-deer-and-sumac

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